This Gun for Hire

Kind to children and cats are a hired killer Philip Raven receives payment for his "work" from the traitor Willard Gates in "hot" money. Crane (second after Ravna) recruited by a Senate Committee to help in the investigation of Gates. Raven seeks revenge on Gates, he is sent to find him...

  • Frank Tuttle

Release Date: 1947-01-15
IMDb icon 7.5/10
  • Country: US
  • Language: English
  • Budget: $500,000
Tillie Hans
22 November 2010 | 04:07

It is interesting to observe how psychological novel green's turns into a Hollywood movie. A competent and fascinating course the dark overtones of Noir with rising star Veronica lake and most of the second actor role Robert Preston.

In the movie the main focus from the Crow is moved to the girl who, in contrast book image, wonderful in all respects. It becomes something like fatal beauty, not so what are usually in Naarah, but also quite fatal. Very true noticed magical and deceptive beauty, which is soon to emerge stronger in the film Clair "I married the witch." Unknown to me before that, Keenan lake — turns out to be quite popular in his time (40 years) in America, the actress with the typical Hollywood fate — became popular for his account of her beauty (good figure, nice face, a little languid eyes, blonde hair), but alcohol, bad temper, all business and finished a barmaid.

Raven has also changed, got rid of the hare-lip (which is understandable, after all Chapter character, which the viewer has little to sympathize with), but got broken brush — exclusively required identification sign. And the main features of Green screen hero Raven has kept in it is anger, hatred, loneliness, distrust of people in readiness to soft and good thing.

As usually in narah hero Preston (actor more musicals and westerns than Noir) — an outcast of society, transgressing its laws. As usual green — hero purely negative, with a tragic fate and a difficult mindset and character. Evildoers he rebels against it, though not for the most noble reasons (or rather of revenge, the feelings created with him injustice), but in the end it becomes a girl "on one side", however, as she with him. And Raven administers justice outside of law you act do never could — stronger than evil, in most looks much more legitimate. Bad luck hangs over the main character all 80 minutes, he gets hope out of the private pool under the end, but an assassin is not give him participate in the universal happy end.

Interesting situation at girls — it becomes on the side of the Raven, the most refusing to time of the law, solely for noble purposes.

Very good Director and screenwriter. Quite successfully portrayed the main characters (mostly use short and natural the context of the replicas). It is interesting to watch. Due to the small coincidences and fateful evidence we go with the increasing tension to the final climax (dress, stolen money, hand and etc.)

Isabella Les
17 April 2008 | 09:05

First starring role, Alan Ladd in the movie — the blackest of them all "black" films of the forties. Delivered a novel by Graham Greene, the picture tells the story of the killer, who received a fee for another murder in stolen money and now wants revenge on his employer. On tail hero sits police, so he you have to take in hostage the charming heroine of Veronica lake, which is not happened to be involved in the>
Alan Ladd holding on his shoulders the whole film. He plays a calculating and ruthless killer, but his manner forces the viewer to continuously follow up every step of the hero. It would seem that the creators reveal all the cards to the middle of the story, but not less, to break away from the screen is not possible. The killer with the telling name of Raven (Raven) sometimes striking in its brutality, but at the same time is a strange sympathy due to his confident thoughts and actions.

Direction of the highest level, an interesting script and the Duo Veronica lake instantly made Alan Ladd's popular star, and the movie "Guns for hire" is the perfect example of film Noir, which can be put in a row with another great adaptation of the green — a masterpiece of Carol reed's the Third man.

10 of 10

Renelle Oletta
04 March 2019 | 07:56

Killer Philip Raven executes the order on murder of accountant of a chemical company. It the mediator will gates's trying to frame Raven with using marked bills. But that manages to escape the police. Raven arrives in Los Angeles to kill gates and his employer. At the same time in surrounded by gates, who is supplying weapons to enemies of the United States, is trying to infiltrate Ellen.

A film by Frank Tuttle for a novel by Graham Greene has become one of the first Noir, heavily influenced the development of the genre. The first big role for Alan Ladd.

In contrast to the novel by Graham Greene in the film adaptation of hero lost zycia lips, but has acquired another distinctive feature — broken brush. Raven is a cynical, ruthless, not loves people, but loves cats. The character Alan Ladd became the model for subsequent images of assassins in the movie. The actor after the film woke up one velechiny, and his duet with Veronica lake was one of most famous the Hollywood of the 40s. Together they played in several films.

Intense and dynamic Noir. However, with a few slurred ending. For fans of classic film Noir is quite recommended for view.

7,5 of 10

How much did it cost to make This Gun for Hire?
According to various sources, the cost of producing the tv-show was at least $500,000.
Who is the director of the movie This Gun for Hire?
This tv-show was directed by Frank Tuttle.
What is the genre of This Gun for Hire?
The tv-show belongs to the genres of Crime, Drama, Film-Noir, Best Film-Noir Movies.
Who starred in This Gun for Hire?
Many famous actors starred in this tv-show, here are the names of the most famous: Veronica Lake, Robert Preston, Laird Cregar, Alan Ladd, Tully Marshall.
What is This Gun for Hire IMDB Ranking?
At the moment, the rating is 7.5.
When was This Gun for Hire released?
The start date for this tv-show on USA TV is 1947-01-15.