The Maltese Falcon

Private detective Sam Spade begins a deadly hunt for a priceless mysteriously disappeared statuette from "the Maltese Falcon".

  • John Huston

Release Date: 1941-10-18
IMDb icon 8/10
  • Country: US
  • Language: English
  • Budget: $375,000
  • Revenue: Cumulative Worldwide $1,255
Damara Roderica
05 December 2011 | 11:49

The genre of "Nari" — a unique phenomenon in cinema. Perhaps we never know what really causes the emergence of a genre, whether depressive mood at the time, that do the Turkish snow and maybe there was no reason, and it all happened by accident, as often there are many in this world things. The however, if the genre of "Noir" and has acquired a number of specific traits that later evolved into the stamps, it all thanks to one guy — Sam Spade. And care what. it's bogus. The dawn of the genre "Noir", and after that it, in fact, started talking about the genre began in 1941, the year with the film "the Maltese Falcon". Not to say that this is the first Noir film, after all, and previously rented movies that the number of signs could be attributed to the genre, it is strikingly different from everything necessary to this. "The Maltese Falcon" brought the world a new genre, and Sam spade - new look, which to me personally, frankly, freakin ' love it.

Sam spade and Mass Archer held up a small detective Agency in downtown San Francisco. They catch unfaithful husbands, petty criminals, and strongly struggled with boredom. Things were going bad that let them even have a Secretary. And one that the Secretary reported that in the waiting room waiting woman, and it looks very very. With tears the eyes of the woman told a sob story about the new friend of his beloved sister, who is clearly conceived that something was wrong. Several bills with Benjamin Franklin helped investigators better understand the complexity of the situation and promise the nice lady is not what to survive, because now it will survive most other people, which, incidentally, recently became richer by a couple hundred bucks. "Good," — thought about yourself spade, looking after leaving the visitor. "Good" — thought aloud Archer, Recalling the form of the recent guests.

- In this story has any truth?
- Is. Small.

But further events developed exclusively strange and unpredictable. Miss Wonderly was not so the defenseless, but still the same cute, old Archer was not so and alive, as early in the film, detective spade was not so a humanist that it is logical if you consider that the humanist it like in the last turn. And all because of a small statuette in the shape of a bird, made long ago by the Templars and sunk in summer only in order to emerge many centuries later under the nose detective Samuels spade.

There is something in the cinema of the first half of the 20th century is beautiful and enchanting, this is probably something called "movie Magic". It in the film whether , I whether the exposure time. Now this movie already do, not will do. And which used to be actors! And which character types! You look at Sam spade for the performance by Humphrey Bogart! Here where charisma, here is where style. It spade arrogant, greedy, brutal, daring and devilishly charming. He says on an equal footing with any person, whether the policeman, gangster, fat cat or wily Madam. It not found in surprise, even those moments when the lust for money takes possession of them completely, it does not lose the remnants of the nobility, as not forget that he primarily plays on the side of the law. Who knows what it could future of the genre of "Noir", if Sam spade was played by someone else. If alternate universes do exist and someone will come up with a way to travel through him we certainly know the answer to this question. Meanwhile, it's rhetorical.

And the drum have us subjective

10 of 10

Lorelle Freyah
12 October 2017 | 10:24

"In the face of Samuel spade was something mefistofelevskuyu: long, bony, pointed chin, permanently raised the corners of the lips, a deep triangular cutout nostrils, eyebrows braslet over the two folds of which protruded a hooked nose, Yes, wedge short light brown hair between large bald patches. Conventional and not slanted as expected, was only its yellowish gray eyes."

So begins one of the most famous novels in the history of world literature "the Maltese Falcon" Hammett Dashila. One of the first cool detectives I have read. But before 10 years I saw a great film by John Houston at this novel. The picture became the founder of one of my favorite genres are Noir. Then I haven't know nothing about the existence of film Noir, but the film made on me an indelible impression. Detective story, a fatal Mary Astor, sinister and dangerous Peter Lorre and Sydney Greenstreet. And above all the monumental figure of Humphrey Bogart in the role of Sam spade. With then I love Noir and fell in love with a hardboiled detective.

The curious thing is that for John Huston's was his directorial debut. Humphrey Bogart, in General, played a secondary role in a gangster movie. For 62-year-old Sidney Greenstreet the film became a full-fledged film debut. All of them have praised this picture. Noir or films that can be identified so appeared to movie Houston, but it is the "Maltese Falcon" was the first great archetype of the genre, on the elements of which guided all followers.

Over time, I watched a lot of Noir. Some I liked the Falcon. But still the ratings are my favorite genre of films he always in the first three. Who didn't watch watch the movie, and of course read the novel Hammett.

Of 9 10

Elly Lindblad
07 August 2009 | 02:07

From what the statue.
- Of of dashed hopes.

The film — Noir, also known as "black film" can be considered one of the most revered and, at the same time most often bury genres in American, yeah and consequence of world cinema, along with staying in a permanent state of collapse of the Western genre. It is impossible with accuracy to say that was the starting point of noir, but many theorists give "the palm" outstanding "literary Thriller" Desila of ... just "the Maltese Falcon" (1930), which brought the author the recognition and in many ways marked the development of detectives in the future. Success and a new face for the expression does not go unnoticed by American filmmakers. However, quickly created an eponymous tape of Roy del Ruth and tape William Dieterle "Satan meets a lady" great success is not had, but their incompetent can not call. They may not just came to time. But for every story there is a prophet. For  the"Falcon" that was John Houston.

The writer who went to Directors who always look with some skepticism. And that interestingly, most often this scepticism is quite natural. From many famous "masters of the pen and the typewriter" came out pretty mediocre Directors (Stephen Zaillian, Robert town, with some stretch — Christopher HAMPTON). To the decision of the Houston, to already a respected screenwriter, the greatest success achieved with"High Sierra", in the third time to film a famous novel at first, too, reacted with visible disbelief. But as time has shown, nothing. "The Maltese Falcon" was not only one of the most famous phenomena in the movie 40-o years, but and marked the beginning of a truly outstanding career of the Director, may, becoming the pinnacle of its creativity. Not here you see the usual for the Director of stiffness, or conversely, excessive traction to stand out in any way. It — work prudent master, just changing become close, which is not lost even a little bit of talent.

So, the opening credits and the curtain raised. A small office of a private detective Agency and two partners with a genuine interest looking at a young attractive woman, imploring the detectives to follow a certain of Farsi, allegedly fled with her sister she is very worried. Good money for like easy, the more so one of men clearly have their eyes on beauty. But a routine assignment turns into not as expected, blood is shed, and private detective Sam SPAD is in a very bad situation. Soon it will be visited by a strange person with obviously dark past, padesatka passports and a loaded gun that, rather, which will offer Sam a tempting contract for the quest for the Golden statuette of the Maltese Falcon, which probably once belonged to shrouded in mystery the Maltese order. Soon after  a"bird" will start hunting with many unknowns, the end of which none of the participants in this theater of the silhouettes to predict not can.

A dark, meditative atmosphere, up to the brim filled with fatalism bordering the hopelessness and cynicism. Harsh, cynical people who do not afraid of the sight of blood, for which the notion of "crime" — premature; not worth special attention. Cruel beauty, for which people — a tool to achieve this one well-known purposes. Night, with varying degrees of success competing with dim lights over the right to have streets. Hostile underground world, with a sneer named the city. All this — face "black film" his trademark, which is so like to use in all kinds of parody and stylization. But they established themselves not directly. And "the Maltese Falcon" in the formation of these standards played the role of a pointer, in many ways, just outlining potential ways and methods, but else has been only the finishing touches, which reached its apogee in 17 years others evil genius, Orson Wells in his last masterpiece "touch of evil".

However, as an example of a basic Noir-concept, and it is the opposition to the Hollywood fashion 30-ies. — 40-o to portray the world with a happy smile fool, "Falcon" does an excellent job. Easy misanthropy and Nietzschean allusions to easily read in like an ordinary story about a Big Criminal Case. The audience expecting a standard detective the affair is likely to feel cheated because there is no system "question — answer" Association with real worlds is realized by the tones, the actor's gestures, semantic images, but certainly not direct suspense, which, without doubt is also present, but is already in any way an end in itself. To the visual side of the film even when the desire it's hard to find fault. By the way, the picture was in the sad list of "re-painted", it is there some reason converted into a color, classic ribbons, thanks to a vicious enthusiasm of media Mogul Ted Turner. Hard to tell what infernal force possessed the mind of this man, but  the"modernized" version is more like a children's razmolvka and the viewer familiar with the original drives in a stupor.

Strong setting, interesting acting robots, written characters, although it is rather, the merit of ... just, but not Houston, lyrical, seriously, really dissonant as a form and the contents of the picture, the music, required intrigue, metaphorical meanings — all makes the film good, even excellent. But there is something that makes the "Falcon" neotemlemoy part of the cultural heritage, and name this factor "X" — Humphrey Bogart. One of the greatest actors of the XX-th century could get stuck in the image of the "bad bandit", but still he was able to escape from the imposed clichés. It Sam Spade — the hero is ambiguous, outwardly cold and cynical, but firmly keep their principles. From a low-key game Bogart blows so powerful a magnetism, that tear off his eye is virtually impossible. Indeed, charisma — the core of the film, without whom the tape is likely to just be broken up, as a house of cards due to careless movement of its Builder. But not happen. "The Maltese Falcon" remains amazing piece, a true work of art.

The delusional that can you say about that movie is that he allegedly outdated. No, such things are not become obsolete, and just acquire your unique charm. "The Maltese Falcon", along with other masterpieces of John Huston and Humphrey Bogart, firmly rooted in the world cinema and to refute its status just pointless, yeah and no such desire. This movie should look not only fans of retro, and any reputable yourself a cinephile, yeah and, frankly, just an educated person, because  Sokol — eternal.

How much has The Maltese Falcon made?
Commercial tv-show fees worldwide today are Cumulative Worldwide $1,255.
How much did it cost to make The Maltese Falcon?
According to various sources, the cost of producing the tv-show was at least $375,000.
Who is the director of the movie The Maltese Falcon?
This tv-show was directed by John Huston.
What is the genre of The Maltese Falcon?
The tv-show belongs to the genres of Mystery, Best Crime Movies, Film-Noir, Best Mystery Movies, Best Film-Noir Movies.
Who starred in The Maltese Falcon?
Many famous actors starred in this tv-show, here are the names of the most famous: Humphrey Bogart, Mary Astor, Gladys George, Peter Lorre, Barton MacLane.
What is The Maltese Falcon IMDB Ranking?
At the moment, the rating is 8.
When was The Maltese Falcon released?
The start date for this tv-show on USA TV is 1941-10-18.