The Harder They Fall

Sports journalist Eddie Willis revolves in the world of professional Boxing and becomes, as they say, "PR expert" novice boxer. Having worked 17 years in the newspaper and not earning anything for a "rainy" day, he agrees to fight dirty "promotion" incompetent, weak boxer impressive appearance and growth. "Boxing is a ballet, a show that makes money", — says him a shady promoter Rod Steiger, but because the ballet is not killed in the locker room dancers who refuse to dance. Only now, Eddie understands the ins and outs of this ruthless world, where managers are cruel and without any sentimentality manipulate their boxers. Does he have enough will power to rebel against a well-oiled machine of criminal business?

  • Mark Robson

Release Date: 1956-03-31
IMDb icon 7.5/10
  • Country: US
  • Language: English | Spanish
Bertha Wengert
08 January 2018 | 06:59

Sports Wheeler-dealer Nick naturally planned an ambitious Scam in the world of Boxing. He brought from South American 130-pound big man Toro Moreno, who has a menacing look, but here's how boxer — a complete zero. However, Nick conceived through a sieve sales fights to bring his opponent to fight on the world title, and to cut down on the appropriate monetary course. The task is not simple but Nick was able to properly motivate for the implementation of this action respected sports reporter Eddie Willis, which are as right now was no work broke. Actually, Eddie and need to create the right press and the image of the dummy Toro than the reporter is actively engaged in. Here only a deal with conscience proved more difficult to conduct than to bring to the final battle zero boxer.

Nice came from Humphrey Bogart's farewell to cinema, millions of their fans (in the number that have not born and where it is necessary to get acquainted with this person) and, in fact, with their lives. Bogart would die in 8 months after the release of this film in hire. He knew that die — throat cancer — and has played traditionally, the highest level. Professional. Although in every glance Humphrey have watched the doom... to Die 57 yet scared even the tough guys who were always boggy. And generally, late 50's will be parting with a whole galaxy of actors of the "Golden age of Hollywood." Two years might die Tyrone Power, then go Clark gable, then Gary Cooper. But boggy here will be the first.

And now to the film. About box Hollywood was shooting a lot, shooting is different, and this is the insanely popular and this day. Almost every decade gives in States something of their own cult in this area. Noted here and mark Robson, starring in 1949, one of the best Boxing movie "champion" with kirk Douglas. Characteristically, that same 1956 "on the air" was released one bright a Boxing movie with Paul Newman, "somebody up there upstairs loves me." In General, the theme is popular, but no one of this film (and I suspect, and after) is not removed so uncompromising and in fact antibacterical movie like this. Robson, ekraniziroval novel of a Bud Shulberg showed box, as the sphere of total corruption and show. At this by the boxers at Robson, by contrast, pitifully-fatherly attitude. They just is shown as a powerless toy-slaves in their hands dirty and cynical managers.

Another thing is that true story in this film can not be sure. Yes, the movie played by real boxers-heavyweights, the same Jersey Joe Wolcott and Max Baer who once were the real world Champions. And the ins and outs of the world of Boxing shows deep... deep, but with hyperbolic excesses. Boxer Toro (played by Michael lane) exhibited a complete idiot who does not even understand that under it is frankly a lie. Managers are shown unrealistic goons. Gay in the film comes to the final fight, but it "settlement records" relies as much as  $ 49. False looks moral remorse of the protagonist, who to this was involved in criminal — bribed matches, the impact on experts St. — suddenly the final is converted to nice and everything he fell in this shit — money — is able to just to give a magical fool. In other words, the writers and Robson here the edges are not seen.

But in film high level — is individual play Humphrey Bogart and Roda staygera. Not take off Robson so uncompromising a film that question the entire professional Boxing States (and many Oh as not like), I'm sure that this game Bogart was able to get the Oscar nomination. Boggy worthy played his last role, creating a layered look to a reporter-a professional, which has an inner core. Also one of his best roles played the Kind Steiger (by the way, could also be at least Oscar nomination for the game of the second plan), masterfully embodying on the screen cynically charismatic and very expressive beast. Steiger worthy and just looked next to by Bogart, and is not the best feature of level games? Looked much weaker "third wheel" in this story — wife of Willis/Bogart, performed by Jen sterling. Played Jen though is a bit mannered, but exactly as it now the principles of the saints, which she nagged her husband the entire movie as time did not look very authentic.

Verdict Uncompromising sports drama that draws on the light (a bit exaggerated) all the mud fight. But the final will still be the light of hope that will give the hero Humphrey Bogart. And then the bogie will be gone forever.

7 of 10

Krissie Lunna
04 April 2008 | 08:22

The last film Humphrey Bogart. A fitting end to a brilliant career. Less than a year after the premiere of the actor died from throat cancer. Such icons of movie Hollywood doesn't knows a very long time. All modern American movie star, taken together, do not will be eligible for the tenth part of the fame and cult of Bogart (largely because of the questionable quality of the current movies. they are removed).

"The harder the fall" — the story of an honest sports journalist who for the money agreed to the promotion is obviously incompetent boxer. Hero Bogart took on this thankless job of frustration, because he already do not young and best chance to ensure a comfortable old age he will not fall out.

Boxer begins to win the battle for combat, but each of the victories bought by the powerful Manager in the execution of the Sort of Steiger, for which money is sometimes more important than human life. One handled it beautifully, depicting a totally unprincipled man who brazenly lying around with an innocent person just to achieve their own goals, then there is a financial benefit. Them a psychological duel with Bogart truly beautifies the picture, betraying her voltage acute. Whether an aging journalist to survive in the atmosphere of total lies or signing a deal with a conscience, he will turn into same the businessman, who spit on honor of human feelings?

Noir this film can be called only because of the psychological side of the issue. Rather, it is a powerful drama without the shadow of sentimentality with impeccable dramatic and confident acting. Then we were able to do this movie.

Of 9 10

Claretta Naaman
03 November 2013 | 03:15

The Golden age of film — it is hand-drawn titles, expressive symphonic sound, fatal beauties with perfect hair and colorful men who are able to eloquently silent. Here it is almost there. For the Great depression is gone, freeing producers from the service only to entertain and distract the viewer, and sowing the seeds of cinema sharp social orientation. "The harder the fall" — entertaining version of a sports drama with a mixture of almost reportorial razoblachitelnoy, opening the vile underside of the shadow of American business, burdened with the remnants of the gang of immoral traditions (check out the pathos, Yes?) But here is a film-Noir that the tape is difficult to call, in including due to a different visual style. No criminal mysteries, dark alleys, and heroes a mysterious past. No even water and abstract: the story is so dynamic that contemporary artists from cinema it is time to learn this wonderful simplicity.

Inherited from zagadochnoi atmosphere of film Noir Mature picture got is that Humphrey Bogart, not as tragic and monumental as before, but all the same a melancholy, wistful nebula in the eye. His role —  - respected journalist who, without of work, forced to take a project is questionable, but profitable — default is mixed. Eddie Willis knows what is sold: for the cosy house and a fur coat for his wife, for a prosperous future, not what gave it profession — not knows is a classic way up the stairs leading down. What the road to the promised wealth, it will inevitably lose friends, wife, and the remnants of moral principles — that is exactly what wanted to keep. The main battle is not on the ring and behind the scenes, where tenacious businessmen are thick books and measured by percent, selected from others. And the businessman of journalism, suddenly saw the light, begins to clear the bonuses for dummy soldiers, to protect the innocent and to give the latter for the sake of justice.

But the image of the protagonist, played rod Steiger, turned out to the obscene solid. A hardened cynic and a supporter of the extremes, Nick Benko at the things not exchanged: so face to face, so wet to wet, to save so to save. Box for him sports, just a field for investment, the ability to collect financial harvest from the greedy the spectacle of the crowd. And Oh, in what way — deception, blackmail or eliminate unnecessary witnesses — doesn't matter. Yeah and its business is deception: the famous Toro Moreno, whom he teaches how to a supernova of the Boxing universe in reality — dummy, a loud publicity stunt. In fact, Toro is just a big (if not accurately, then a two-meter) child unable to appreciate even their own inferiority, with the sole desire to quickly return to the Argentina to the mother. It and has something like woman — this is compare Boxing with ballet, made in the beginning of the film, as symbol of profit can accrue from all: make money the rest is all rubbish.

In a strange way in the film, Mark Robson, half a century ago was the current America, which for the years have only honed the tools for pumping means at a lot of the entertainment of the masses. The technology worked to detail, and, so, sports, journalism, film — everything can be sold and purchased, advertised and happily consumed. Talent — nothing, PR — all green bills represent the power and power and their to get, you know, in particular, from the film. Although... In space black-and-white frame, many things take on an unusual the nature of the contrast. And money on his is not evil, people make them so. However, the final picture, when all its life-affirming simplicity with the point of view of day today, seems naive. And, indeed, to fall, is necessary as a minimum to fly...

Who is the director of the movie The Harder They Fall?
This tv-show was directed by Mark Robson.
What is the genre of The Harder They Fall?
The tv-show belongs to the genres of Drama, Sport, Film-Noir, Best Sport Movies.
Who starred in The Harder They Fall?
Many famous actors starred in this tv-show, here are the names of the most famous: Humphrey Bogart, Rod Steiger, Jan Sterling, Mike Lane, Max Baer.
What is The Harder They Fall IMDB Ranking?
At the moment, the rating is 7.5.
When was The Harder They Fall released?
The start date for this tv-show on USA TV is 1956-03-31.