The film will immerse you in the dangerous world of English crime. In the center of the story — a fatal lady Annie, appearing in different roles. She plays a complex game with several men, which — at first glance — have nothing in common. Pitting them against each other, it pursues its brutal purpose. What it is: a split personality? Or a well-planned game cunning seductress?

  • Vaughn Stein

Release Date: 2018-05-11
IMDb icon 5.3/10
  • Country: HK, HU, IE, GB, US
  • Language: English
  • Runtime: 1h:35m
Helene Fayre
15 May 2018 | 01:49

The movie "the Terminal" (all of his action mostly occurs in the terminal of an abandoned train station, hence the film's title), is a ridiculous attempt to recreate on the silver screen separate storylines of "Alice in Wonderland" by Lewis Carroll in format the style of avant-garde neonoir. Theoretically, this film could would be a fun experiment in its genre, but only if it was removed Mad Hatter with financial marketing of ability of the Studio "Disney". However, a new reading of the timeless classics decided to threaten anyone not known Englishman Won Stein, to who worked as second assistant Director and a small independent company Margot Robbie "LuckyChap", for which this film was the second project after "I, Tonya".

Production budget of the film was more than modest "Terminal" decided to withdraw from the minimum number of actors for few days an abandoned factory in the suburbs of Budapest, the paucity of locations and scenery which was replaced by an abundance of neon, irritating the eyes in half the scenes. However in the history of world cinema there are many examples when on a limited budget, and in a single location to rent a decent movie with an original story, interesting characters and deep dialogue. "Terminal" to this is clearly not apply. Sluggish action of the film are predictable and already the middle, including the two parallel storylines the five existing characters, for the viewer not will have no difficulty uncomplicated to guess the final twist. To save the plot could only really care in a very clean hallucinogenous psicodelico, but this Director was supposed to be Alejandro Jodorowsky's.

Under become banal story "Terminal" is also boring, formulaic and absurd characters. The film was shot in between the "suicide Squad" and"I, Tonya," so the main character Annie at Margot Robbie turned a kind of averaged transitional link from Harvey Quinn to Tonya Harding, with well recognizable mix of light madness and cold calculation. Full movie Annie manipulates the men, moving them as the Queen of hearts on the chess Board with her only one well-known goal, showing at this languidly sexy poses and portraying a femme fatale, but all already been shown to not times the previous film with Margot Robbie. Two hapless hit man — Vince and Alfred, the characters were fully charged heroes Travolta and Samuel L. Jackson of"pulp fiction", trying to squeeze out of yourself joke, by all means conjugating the verb "to fuck"and quoting kerollovskaya Alice, but all max may cause slight smirk. Syson Pegg, portraying a terminally ill cancer English teacher for the film not understand — he got into this circus of the absurd and those who do it is needed to play. But especially getting a pity to see the silly antics of Mike Myers, who played the mysterious cleaner terminal, constantly whistling the tune of "Danny Boy". Not to star for nine years since "inglorious bastards", so ineptly in direct and figurative sense to drive the final nail into once a brilliant Comedy career!

However, if the plot and characters of "Terminal" even as it is possible, although with great difficulty to digest that, his dialogues, occupying 95% of screen time, cause now the indigestion of the brain. Being a newbie in the independent film and especially in writing scripts, Stein decided to not to philosophize, and just fill the film boring and completely empty dialogues in the style of a Tarantino pulp fiction with allusions and quotations from "Alice in Wonderland". It is clear that Stein wanted to make a "curiouser and curiouser", but overthought myself himself by inventing a meaningless stream of gibberish meaningful, creating a feeling that Alice was the only book that Stein had read in his life, and  pulp fiction — the only movie he watched.

In spite of unusual minimalista-neon visual solution, from the creators of "Terminal" turned out not even film, rather very monotonous, chamber pseudo-avant-garde drama for five actors which narowal wrapping hiding a set of lengthy, rambling, boring, empty and pompous scenes, filled with lots of borrowings and citations. In this meaningless, banal and predictable exercise in the neon nihilism no hint originality long a painful 90 minutes watching You will begin after the killers, two weeks from the business of idleness in a rented apartment, saying to myself: "what the complete nonsense" or "I'm bored as hell" and very good understanding of the character Pegg, talks about different ways to settle scores with life, wanting all this madness to stop.

Myrah Oz
12 February 2019 | 07:49

Vaughn Stein's movie "Terminal" was the debut in full-length feature films. And he began a rather peculiar, chose the style neonoir. It is very difficult for setting the perception of the genre, but of course he love the critics, because they love all unusual. But here the modern viewer, rather, buy a ticket for some mainstream on the type of next adventure about superheroes. But the sleeve Won Stein kept the one major trump card — main role "Terminal" has agreed to play herself, Margot Robbie, one of the most beautiful and highest paid Actresses of recent times. Almost name Margot Robbie is possible to recognize a name-brand, because one is enough for poster the viewer so or either will be pulled in cinema features the audience representing the male half of humanity. And to Robbie added Simon Pegg, Dexter Fletcher and Mike Myers. In General, there was an opinion, and why not see this neonoir?

But after watching formed a completely opposite opinion — why I still watched it? If you take away from the film high quality work of makeup artists, costumers and hairdressers, then it turns out that in "Terminal" and look at large no on that. No, of course there are the delightful Margot Robbie, which is and is anchored to his glance, when she in a bright red coat and calling makeup, a real femme fatale, and for fans of "Fifty shades of..." may be the most attractive and desirable manner. But, frankly, this was not enough from the actress, who valiantly withstood the test of dramatic role in"Tone against all" than deserved a nomination on"Oscar", but was still the impression that Robbie to end not out of the image of Harley Quinn of"suicide Squad". She there were also quite spectacular and diligently performed their role, but still potential Margo wider and would like to watch the more deep and emotional movie.

In General, can at about Margot Robbie, even though she and the main star of the film, but is, anything else to tell. In"Terminal" does not like the script. Like in it out —  & intrigue, and mystery, and strange, weird personalities, but Von Stein, who was also the sole screenwriter of the film, the feeling that confused. It with such persistence has imposed on his creation the effect of mystery and innuendo that in the end, it's led to that secrets really did not deploy, a innuendo so and left unsaid. The characters have Won the Stein too. With some may still have something to make a solid and expressive, but others and remained unclear "passengers". To the same some of the characters Stein has worked mask a shocking and disgusting people, but on the screen it is especially not impressed, there was only shrugged, saying, "is that all what took place?". The film is extremely overdone with the gravitas, although it can understand, because like the loud about his claim with the first of the film, and therefore neonoir was chosen... But the first pancake is always lumpy, as said.

In addition to Margot Robbie, as already mentioned above, there are quite a few famous actors. Let's start with Simon Pegg. I must admit, I liked it work with collaboration with Nick frost, for example, "the trilogy three flavours Cornetto along", but it is good and hyped Hollywood franchises, "Mission: impossible" and"star trek", where the brand confidently holds an important supporting character. In "Terminal" Simon Pegg as and the rest, was assigned the role of person with a"double bottom". And like Pegg stands out, but I have to admit, it was still boring. By the way, the storyline with his character still fell out of the main narrative. Mike Myers appeared in not exactly plain, but still the star of "Austin powers" recognizable. But honestly, better not take this role. Why? Here without explanation, or — spoiler. And Dexter Fletcher along with a partner set max irons painfully created images of companions-murderers remotely reminiscent of Vincent VEGA and Jules Winnfield of the "pulp fiction", but it is absolutely not found. To the same again, there was this usual for "Terminal" error — the characters tried to give gravitas and mystery that the reality proved to be empty.

by the Way, the claim is not only the creators of this movie, but to our favorite distributors. The thing that lexically unpleasant word "Goner" severely jarring. It is clear that they did not want a complete harmony with the famous tape of Steven Spielberg's "the Terminal" with Tom Hanks in the lead role, but is the Russian language as little words Ellochka-ogress? At least "Final stop" would be called, for example, and not that the vulgar name of "Goner". And back to to the movie, then the positive aspect here are a few: calling the makeup Margot Robbie, the hairdressers and costume designers, not the worst job of the operator and well-chosen soundtrack; and that's the negative side a lot more in especially for the script, an example may be that the main antagonist is calculated from the speed of sound. But still good luck debutant Vaughn Stein, maybe it then everything will go better?

5 from 10

Fina Veradia
21 September 2018 | 02:42

Not very long ago I saw a good crime picture. And that's really did not expect that razreklamiroval new movie with Margot Robbie will be representative of this genre. At the trailer, he seemed something else. Not read about film just clicked on the play immersed in criminal twilight, lit by flickering neon signs and brilliantly maniacal smile Margot Robbie. Searing, sharp, vague, deceitful, sexually-charged — some of pop up the head at the time of viewing. The film — Noir candy, wrapped mystery books of Lewis Carroll.

And Margot Robbie, OMG, Margot Robbie! She — amazingly manic danger waiting for you for every turn; seductive madness in the guise of a beautiful woman; the evil of unpredictability and light madness on the screen. Harley Quinn is just a cheap in than this lady.

So many visual details of the so good this film is. Then if it on a moment which transformed the heroine's face in an empty skull. Or shooting is only one of the lips, able to convey any emotion. Smoke from cigarettes to the frame, as separate art. Palette of all available colors black, dark blue and only a flashing bright red coat tight belt on the thin waist. It is the movie is not removed. At feels draw.

The genuine atmosphere. A great representative of its genre.

And who said the mystery is not in fashion?

How long is Terminal?
2h 15m
Who is the director of the movie Terminal?
This tv-show was directed by Vaughn Stein.
What is the genre of Terminal?
The tv-show belongs to the genres of Crime, Thriller, Drama, Best Thriller Movies 2017.
Who starred in Terminal?
Many famous actors starred in this tv-show, here are the names of the most famous: Margot Robbie, Simon Pegg, Dexter Fletcher, Mike Myers, Max Irons.
What is Terminal IMDB Ranking?
At the moment, the rating is 5.3.
When was Terminal released?
The start date for this tv-show on USA TV is 2018-05-11.