Sunset Boulevard

Young screenwriter Joe Gillis sits on the complete "grounded", he is pursued by creditors, he has nothing to eat, he thinks life is over. The machine on which it is sent to mindlessly and aimlessly to nowhere, suddenly wriggles sideways (flat tire! ) and enters the courtyard of the famous mansion in the past, but fading movie star in the present Norma Desmond...

  • Billy Wilder

Release Date: 1951-04-18
IMDb icon 8.4/10
  • Country: US
  • Language: English
  • Budget: $1,752,000
  • Revenue: Cumulative Worldwide $299,645
Kira Shurlocke
30 March 2015 | 08:04

Attention-attention! Says shows Central Television. Wanted by an attacker, known as alias of sunset Boulevard. After a series of crimes of varying severity that has taken place recently: the transformation of the world stars in a wax figure, the appeal of a talented Director in his promising screenwriter in the slave — it is not calmed down and shot a man. The murder was committed last night at the famous accomplice — it implicated not other than Film. For our data, the Cinema has grabbed at the moment it at the police station is subjected to survey, with law enforcement agencies. All participation in the events of yesterday, he denies changes in mood and violently demands a lawyer. About the same location the Boulevard is no information there. People, be vigilant! Any information you share on the phone number on the running line.

Director Billy Wilder, imbued with the in the fortieth atmosphere of film Noir and gave the world one of the best representatives of the genre "Double indemnity", with the start of a new decade decided to return to theme has become one of those opened the milestone, which is now called as "late Noir". In his film face to face the most miserable and worthless representatives of Hollywood of those years, which is absolutely not want to empathize. The happiest here — the agent who tells the hungry, and that's evicted to the employer: "You need 300 dollars? I could you to give, but you realize the best scripts are born in poverty?". All the rest of Hollywood have chewed and spat out. Some fully accept his fate, but someone is trying to grab the very straw that will be able to open a second wind career. And here, like in sports, all good. Lies, betrayal, cynicism, wandering in the clouds — all about our heroes. Those traits, of which a decent society should keep to yourself, here are unevenly distributed, but heavily — in komiksoidny the picture, when God wanted to utter to the Ground a pinch, and the Bank suddenly opened. What most importantly, expressions such as "I'm from the actor's family!" (when the mother — the makeup artist and father — the electrician) and "I'm expensive, 500 dollars a week" (when the most pocket crumpled a dozen) does not add to the history of Comedy. The narrative — it is a mere drama about lost souls. There is absolutely no Goodies, and all the experiences of the viewer concentrated on the detective part of the story and okoloogilise thoughts, adapted our modern life, for the urgency of the problems the characters in the movie more than for half a century with its creation less, not have become.

They fully gave myself to a movie, but sometimes I gave them in return? Glory? Money? Popularity? Maybe, maybe... But not only happiness. No one happy man you the frame is not will see. Steeped in lies and empty hopes, the heroes of the film already unlikely to be able to stop. They deceived everyone, even themselves. Awful, but they are happy to be deceived and to live out this life and not live with it. Philosophy is clear, as classic — "to Be or not to be?". And the questions Wilder asks is not is veiled, and completely transparent. Trying to squeeze in the skin of the hero, the audience for viewing repeatedly faces the choice of the two options and always misses. This sunset Boulevard, there is not working simple human logic. And if you want to bathe in pool not to wallow in a miserable cellar, where once sent his hero Bulgakov, you just have to answer the opposite of what commands your soul. Looks symbolic scene that would be closed the third act, whether this film is the performance (all would be of the acts was four). Silent film star leaving the Studio in which came first for 20 years, from tears eyes. She is pleased, because around it gathered young and devouring eyes. And even the spectators in the best moment of my life. However, the fact that it is no longer will be the movie, its script is terrible and in arriving at Studio there was no point, only encourages the cry of someone from the youngsters: "Norma Desmond? I thought she has died...". Last a nail in the coffin at the same time the fame of the actress and the audience a fleeting happiness drives the final scene — phrase Director Cecil DeMille from where it becomes clear that do it doesn't want to see her again. And after some twenty years ago, she was his everything.

Obviously, Director obliged to create this film in Noir atmosphere. Ninety percent of the scenes was shot at night, completely removing the narration remains light tones. Selected for the filming of the mansion affects the harmony for a motley extravagant company. Here you and doors without a home theater pool, hung around with old photographs, and on, which periodically starts to play without human assistance. Chance to go with mind that the house increases in times. And that the main character decided to take an alternative to sleeping galoshes under the leaking ceiling of the wing, migrating to the house-castle, may be the worst decision of his life. The operator, in whose task was to catch up voltage even when the narrative left the confines of the mansion, also coped brilliantly with work. Whether in the frame of two, three or thirty people — shooting satisfactory, their own sense of presence does not fall below a certain, high level. But more helps keep the viewer in a daze music. The most on the musicians on the birthday of the heroine, and also deftly inserted the etudes of Franz Waxman perfectly with the stress, not going to zero during all the action. And by the way, the efforts of the composer is not been wasted: the film won in the category "Best soundtrack" at Golden Globe and the Oscar in 1951.

Taken hastily, without a finished script, a film by Billy Wilder had already has become a classic. Some see in it allusions to the fall of Hollywood, some — the usual drama about the careless writer, and some not ready to recognize in this movie. Can be partially agree with each of sayings, but I absolutely not see the competitors the category "Film which are the most vivid example was shown the cruelty of the film industry". It says about that people far from cinema, the film is not will be close, because who of us I wonder how good we are in that brings us the income as long it will last? Wilder has forced humanity to think about that right direction is its evolution even more entrenched in the title of master of the drama. Comedy triumphs were waiting for it to come.

Dedicated to my friend Artem.

Carola Spratt
05 December 2012 | 02:54

Yes, what else to add...

How many storylines how many destinies choice osoznannogo and not aware of...

Enough only to try on myself, Joe the Gillis, log-in the way follow him way... pay tribute to great actors, an incredible Director and... the writers, because it is their masterpiece, a masterpiece which the movie is not call — that the word; life, which is games for the rules, life is so full of feeling; life, which is not easy to find and save something important and dear; life, everyone will a Director, screenwriter and actor... that's only... there are still something — moments when the eats bus when they cross a variety of hopes, desires, scenarios, in the action come to random(?) circumstances; life in which a lot of struggle...

No, you will not see in the film game, no, not do that would real, fictional, anything you don't happen to in the 50s, 60s even 2000s. We opened the book of life, painted her images, compressed to two hours... but to understand the value of this gift, you need to go through something like that... you need to try on myself... look at world the point of view of a hapless writer — the debtor is rich but the lonely star of black-and-white film, the Butler-Director, who devoted themselves, sacrificed for... what?, the young girls of the reviewer, with a boundless desire and aspiration... what?, an old friend of the former star, who does not wish to disappoint, who remembered that good,

In General — enjoy, imagine yourself on the place of actors, live their life and... learn — movies or life.

10 of 10

Marjie Guenevere
01 August 2007 | 11:06

I Have words...

Today I first saw the movie sunset Boulevard, and know my opinion, Bergman was right when he called this a picture of one of the best in the history of cinema.

When I watched a film of Coen, "Barton Fink" I really liked it the implication of that Hollywood is Hell, but I couldn't think over forty (!) years this was the film, which still more great lights this theme.

Rotten to the core film industry...

I can guarantee the truth of his words, but most of all, sunset was the first film, the contamination of the cinematic process, and along and across. Here you can see old actress, in past "Queen of the silent cinema", which is rejected by all because of its "external invalidity", for which she began to write worthless nowhere scenarios that cover those producers with easy to the heart being rejected; young writer who, when using the forces of chance meets with Norma Desmond, helps somehow to fix it mediocre scenario attempts; the producer, who, as all like him, thinking only about the money and fame, yeah and that it was not fired higher ranks; same as a young and the protagonist of recensendo, which, despite its impartiality, it is easy to get to fall in love yourself.

the Whole world of Hollywood...

Himself plot layer backed by wonderful performances of the actors, all the main actors, including still not named Butler of Norma Desmond in the performance of Erich Von Stroheim. It should also be noted that all the major plot twists are hidden in the replica or the actions of Butler.

The directing skills of Billy Widler quite insightful and watchable, the camera work does not spoil the picture, in some degree underlines all the contents of the events.

And even Barton Fink and the sunset Boulevard its meaning something like — ends in different ways, but both films for me are equally important, films of different eras, a great film, dear to my heart movies.

Sunset Boulevard — the movie is surprisingly heartfelt and thought-provoking, not wonder about these things were removed in the 50s, the topic remained on today more than relevant.


How much has Sunset Boulevard made?
Commercial tv-show fees worldwide today are Cumulative Worldwide $299,645.
How much did it cost to make Sunset Boulevard?
According to various sources, the cost of producing the tv-show was at least $1,752,000.
Who is the director of the movie Sunset Boulevard?
This tv-show was directed by Billy Wilder.
What is the genre of Sunset Boulevard?
The tv-show belongs to the genres of Drama, Film-Noir, Best Film-Noir Movies.
Who starred in Sunset Boulevard?
Many famous actors starred in this tv-show, here are the names of the most famous: William Holden, Gloria Swanson, Erich von Stroheim, Nancy Olson, Fred Clark.
What is Sunset Boulevard IMDB Ranking?
At the moment, the rating is 8.4.
When was Sunset Boulevard released?
The start date for this tv-show on USA TV is 1951-04-18.