Out of the Past

A gangster named wit sterling hires former private investigator to search for some Jeff Kathy Moffat. She killed a man from the gang wit and pocketing 40, 000 dollars, went into hiding. Jeff takes on the case, but finding a girl, falls in love with her.

  • Jacques Tourneur

Release Date: 1947-12-01
IMDb icon 8/10
  • Country: US
  • Language: English | American Sign Language
Cybil Hussar
06 October 2017 | 07:37

This film, I looked at the wave of interest in a young kirk Douglas and his early films. The main character there — the Mitchum, and Douglas plays the typical for his earlier works the role of the charming villain.

In a few words about the plot. Joe bell — the owner of a small gas station in a small town. Have he has a girlfriend and plans for a bright future. But suddenly his past life intrudes and demands to return the favor... once upon a time Jeff was a detective, and the shadow businessman Witt hired him so he found it ex-girlfriend Katie. It failed podstrelil Witt, stole from him 40 thousand disappeared in nowhere. Jeff found Katie in Acapulco, but love it but not because could give her Uittu and decided to run with it... But — as fate is not gave Jeff the chance be lost forever in large America and Katie was not "a fragile young lady in trouble"...

I have a complex impression of the film. It interesting, but it nobody sorry (and if sorry, wrong. who should be). The Mitchum cool, but he has one expression for all occasions (I'm talking about this movie, in General, Mitchum I cute), and he does not look like a man that is due to the sudden outbreak of love will fit into trouble a man whitt.

But damn good kirk Douglas in the role of Witt, although it is very few — sea of irony and charm, from within it's like pouring energy and power, from-for what like the Evil it is not perceived at all.

Katie Jane Greer — the biggest failure of the film. Actress and she weak emotions than "fear" and"quiet reverie with a slight contempt" have them, and even a "Oh-so-pretty-you'll see you'll die," she also not looks like. Therefore, do not understand, for what such muzhiki as of Mitchum and Douglas (and not only them) are at risk for the sake of her money life. Barbara Stanwyck or even AV Gardner would look better then — the first convincing in the role of spectacular predators, the second one was just such a stunning beauty, which turn off the brain, even in smart Mougins.

And have even two women — the angelic Annie and sales Secretary Nita (Rhonda Fleming), of which Onex less good. and Rhonda — by any measure, beautiful. (here it on a Mitchum)

The findings of the history, everyone will make there. My was unexpected — no need to throw employers, it creates the risk that you never calculated. About girls the angelic faces I so all know.

Sianna Buckie
08 April 2010 | 08:03

Robert Mitchum in the role of a private detective, which the old man instructs one unpleasant job — to steal important papers, compromising his itself, i.e., the customer. All anything — the Mitchum guy is not slip on this is where you sit there and slezesh, Yes but this delicious side dish from Jacques Turner has long been a main dish.

Before the main character is beautifully push on "mokryak" the audience is will know who do not trust this ingenious history, for those who — not there. And there surprising — Jeff (hero Mitchum), he is one threw the other, yativ with his girl in"heavenly grounds". Whether surprising that the injured party, in this case, also, the criminal element, if you want to return the favor? For all in life, as you know, you need to pay. Here, of course, about the power of Fate to kill or about the past, which the boomerang tends to come back, but in fact not all so just this cult Noire of the Creator of the classic horror films with funny names, like "cat People" and"I walked with a zombie".

In the manner of any Grindhouse masterpiece Turner readily breaks down into the two halves. Which is better — of course, it's everyone. According to me as first — so, with four bullets in the stomach of kirk Douglas and forty pieces of stolen "green". The one where "the story in the story" and the unbearable heat in Acapulco. But if someone more like the second — more complicated and in a Noir tough but love it with copious amounts trudnoreshaemyh names and scenic tricks, though be sure to 180 — not surprised. Indeed, despite the  cross-sections, narrative integrity is not broken — the second story is not possible without the first, as, indeed, first second. Distorted only the coordinates of time and space — everything else remains the same: the bandit will turn into a thug bitch bitch, well, good guy, he as said, Africa hood Hai.

And Mitchum, of course, a good — where Bogart would have passed gun long folding patter, this bull sneaks fist composure Gabin. Times Noir has been kind to the actors of this type, but as all the good are gone. Maybe now it's time to re-take them on the surface?

8 from 10

Elita Gemperle
29 April 2016 | 12:20

When screens in 1947 released tape "From the past", in Hollywood for its tendency to remove the "black movie". Perhaps the title of this subgenre still not logged in active vocabulary, but filmmakers have catch the main trends of this style. "From the past" — tape, which has all the characteristics of classic film Noir.

Criminal businessman whit sterling hires private detective Jeff that he found it girlfriend Kathy Moffat, who ran away to who knows where, taking with him a tidy sum of saving Sterling. Jeff goes on the girl who is hiding in Mexico falls for her.

It is noteworthy that the base of the story told in logline to the film is more an exposition or prologue to the main events of the story. Immediately after the opening credits Jeff away from business and talks about story of meeting with Katie Moffat is his current girlfriend. This is due that a few years later after the event whit sterling again wants to hire Jeff for a dirty business. Thus, the film is actually divided into the one follows from the other both inextricably linked with each other. The film's plot at all in many respects is dualistic: two the storyline; the juxtaposition of a dark gloomy city and bright and Sunny province; two of the country; two girls of the protagonist, one of which is God's dandelion, and other — femme fatale... Even the locations in the film hint at the duality: for example, the twin lakes.

The main hero of the tape is nominally himself Jeff is performed by Robert Mitchum — star of film Noir. However, the attention of the audience on himself pulls the character Jane Greer. Actually, it is a catalyst for the whole story. Katherine Moffat attractive woman. So much so that is able to captivate any man. When sterling sends Jeff to look for the girl, not give him photographs, stating that Jeff he'll figure it out Katie. In the first half of the movie Katie seems almost an innocent, a victim of circumstances and its own men. Even in the clothes she prefers white innocent color. But it now voice hard and cold. And in the second half of the film and Jeff the audience can see the true essence of Kathy — cold, hard and motivated woman who is willing to dirty his hands and nothing will not stop to achieve their goals. And now it has not white-necked dresses, but black and even causing.

The image of the "femme fatal" is one of the fundamental strokes to the portrait of film-Noir. They encourage the main characters to be active, and to act in the interests of the fateful girl. And her interests always outside the sphere of law and dangerous for men. Katie Moffat is also learned the only control and push them around. She makes dirty things are not only strange men's hands, but its graceful women. Often when challenged with the men themselves. However, deep down, this cool women still lives a tender girl who dreams about his personal happiness. We understand is closer to the final tape. This woman's happiness, she even obsessed. To this character Jane Greer lived in the tough man's world, played by their rules, in life sterling clearly dominated it myself. Now Katie is ready to destroy the lives of Jeff, but would it was with her. This way strong-willed and seemingly independent, but vulnerable female personality in a male world, it became popular in the time after the war. While the men were on front the fragile female shoulders fell all the severity of everyday life. But with the end of the war they situation in this plan does not much improved, because the returned from the front men has been weakened as so physically and psychologically. This image was reinterpreted and imposed in movie those years a dark, cynical and pessimistic attitudes, even when strong characters were lost. Here why Noir at were extremely popular and successful, when the mood in the mid-fifties have become more optimistic — gone into the past.

Noire anywhere But not completely disappeared. His style and attracts Directors, sometimes this style again felt in the movie. The nowhere else gone are the films of classic film Noir. And as has already been said, "From the past" is the most striking (or in the context — dark) as an example. Here, inter alia, done by the fine camera work, and the film is even darker and more contrast the more famous "the Maltese Falcon" or"Double insurance". Attract attention and the images created by the actor's trio Mitchum-Greer-Douglas. In the end, the story and looks quite modern, and its components can be found in the latest Hollywood movie.

Who is the director of the movie Out of the Past?
This tv-show was directed by Jacques Tourneur.
What is the genre of Out of the Past?
The tv-show belongs to the genres of Crime, Drama, Film-Noir, Best Film-Noir Movies.
Who starred in Out of the Past?
Many famous actors starred in this tv-show, here are the names of the most famous: Robert Mitchum, Jane Greer, Kirk Douglas, Rhonda Fleming, Richard Webb.
What is Out of the Past IMDB Ranking?
At the moment, the rating is 8.
When was Out of the Past released?
The start date for this tv-show on USA TV is 1947-12-01.