Nightmare Alley

Stan Carlisle worked as a magician, "read" the thoughts of others at fairs and on the road. Soon it ceased to meet his, and with the help of a psychiatrist began to convince wealthy people that are able to get in touch with their deceased relatives. A millionaire Grindle, eager to communicate with his deceased daughter, turned with his request to Carlisle. But when the whole scheme collapsed, the only way for Stan was a return to the fair.

  • Edmund Goulding

Release Date: 1947-10-28
IMDb icon 7.8/10
  • Country: US
  • Language: English
Teresina Melissa
31 October 2012 | 10:42

The movie "nightmare Alley," directed by Edmund Goulding tells us about American show business 40's. twentieth century. But not on top of it, in which includes the famous, known throughout the country actors, Directors, singers, and on the bottom entertainment America, the people performing in front of an audience at the street literally for a penny (or rather, per cent).

A young man without specific lessons on behalf of Stan (T. Power) is arranged as a laborer on a street fair, where performing artists of various genres. At this fair attracts more than just Stan's room "telepathy", which takes a kind of Zina on a her husband Pete, a dipsomaniac But this room looks pretty pathetic and primitive, and because zeena and Pete know the secret verbal code, at which once gained fame with other, much more successful telepathic room. The purpose of Stan's now — to get this code to break into the top of show business.

Stan the man is selfish, only thinks about himself and, apparently, at this is the main purpose of the film — show that break into the top of the show business are only able to way to succeed to betray and sell their friends, their loved ones. Stan with the beginning feels in him the makings of the artist, from his good instincts, he's a good psychologist, knows the approach to people. And it doesn't sense of remorse when, for example, according to the error gives the gin a bottle of wood alcohol Pete, from the and dies. But when zeena tells him a secret combination code, it after some time, throws her to speak with younger beautiful Molly.

And here is already Stan and Molly are in major hotels, private clubs, where entertain millionaires. But after all this show business is based on deception and Molly girl conscientious and deals with these matters only love to Stan. But she can not stand great nervous tension when they are on direct manipulation of facts for fraud tycoon-millionaire Grindle.

But he Stan (for millionaires "the Great Stanton"), though a good psychologist, but man, he unstable something even superstitious. He believes fate, Providence, rock, afraid of Tarot cards in the hands of Zina. This his lack of confidence in a plus collision with a psychoanalyst Lilith Ritter (which, as and Stan, committed fraud to acquire money millionaires) and becomes the cause of his subsequent fall.

Actor Tyrone Power was created in the movie "nightmare Alley" is a very interesting image of a man with dual nature. This man at the same time and strong in that would any was upward, and the weak, all the time awaiting his fall back to the bottom of show business. The rest of the actors are weaker than Tyrone Power, but create around it a pleasant background in this nice noir-drama. The film tells us that show business can be built on deception and betrayal, but the payback for this will come.

PS From a conversation between two workers fair booth:

" — How can be omitted?
 — He flew too high..."

7 of 10

Tiff Holbrooke
20 February 2015 | 01:20

Regarding this genre, as Noir, the audience's perception there are many popular stereotypes. For example, the figure of the private detective and the femme fatale for Noir films as if archetypal. And meanwhile, for example, of the twenty-five standards of the genre Noir, made in a national register of American films, only in the four main character — private detective. In "the Maltese Falcon", "Deep sleep" From the past "Kiss me deadly". And another four can be described as a full-fledged detective story: Lora, "Killer" "the Naked city" "touch of evil". Other films from the list is extremely diverse in its subject and characters. Yes even murder in Noir is not obliged to appear as shows Oscar-winning "the Lost weekend". But and less known noiram such observations are also applicable.

Here "nightmare Alley" contrary to many standard concepts and even his own name. Not want to reveal all the secrets, yeah it impossible, such atmospheric films in the retelling is not disclose all of their fragrance, only at the viewing. But if you look in it practices sucking horror film, sophisticated detective story or the pace of action, that you can immediately tell that unlikely here is there, the film will take a completely different. Run-motivation, extremely spectacular effects, fanciful, florid magic and intrigue, magnificent scenery, to which is now familiar to the audience, especially after the Prestige "the Illusion of deception" — this is more personal and intimate, than a large-scale film is unlikely to show. But the theme of relationships in among the magicians, he reveals possible and no less gracefully, unsteady and viscous panic hero zhivopisujutsja with considerable care, the entourage also very harmonious.

In General, the film is the audience the story of one lost soul, and not very stupid person. The main character is not a bad connoisseur of human souls, resourceful, even a COP on the fair is able to cajole, solving his character what insinuating phrase that stomach. He skillful the seduction, and not particularly sensitive and is not shy to Woo women a secret, and then to schedule another bride...

But my soul he still not able to comprehend exactly as some phenomena, one of which is usually called conscience — and some time people, before it convenient tools, not protect it from failure. Like him to understand that can favorite from him to escape not even because other men, and because is not able to violate what he has transgressed?.. The necessary degree of anguish seasoned, but all the action is seasoned with the lightest tones of spice and playfulness, at least in predstatelnoj and air outfit one of the characters, actually calling criticism from guardians of the law of the era of the Hays code. And as weird, extremely captures the desire to find out whether the scammer to get rid of tenet, who do on himself brought to achieve atonement, forgiveness and hope.

Marabel Denn
29 December 2014 | 04:29

Noir, tearing all the usual patterns. Caustic and send us for many years ago "Freaks" Todd Browning. Be in circus get a classic triangle — lost husband, prima, and a young ambitious hero. Which begs the bloody denouement, but the apotheosis of her ahead of stylish divination Tarot. The tragedy becomes only a matter of time and its details, it is not like it is in the classic "black film."

However, the creators of the film at the rising increasing voltage increasing sexual affair the appearance of two women in the life of the protagonist and allowing to become widely known. Then again, we fall in expertly arranged by the Director a trap. Again intrigue, on this time clearly criminal and again the prediction in card. Total drama is known, but the ending is definitely surprising. If you think about it, it turns out that the creators of the tape allow for only one way of dealing with predetermination — love. And, it's nice that in such a harsh film about a cynical conman coded so kind and in all respects a positive message.

Pleasant experience leaves and the game main actors. Tyrone Power and all female ensemble cast is expressive and colorful. Actually, I thought the film was I highly appreciate Todd Browning. The more me this feed.

By the way, this movie confirms my suggestion about that in 1947 he formed the trend of the tapes, so or otherwise promote psychoanalysis as a problem-solving tool. After all, one of the main elements of intrigue the hero in the struggle "my personal world domination" is using the secrets revealed to shrink.

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Who is the director of the movie Nightmare Alley?
This tv-show was directed by Edmund Goulding.
What is the genre of Nightmare Alley?
The tv-show belongs to the genres of Drama, Film-Noir, Best Film-Noir Movies.
Who starred in Nightmare Alley?
Many famous actors starred in this tv-show, here are the names of the most famous: Tyrone Power, Joan Blondell, Coleen Gray, Helen Walker, Taylor Holmes.
What is Nightmare Alley IMDB Ranking?
At the moment, the rating is 7.8.
When was Nightmare Alley released?
The start date for this tv-show on USA TV is 1947-10-28.