Detective McPherson is investigating the murder of beautiful Laura...

  • Otto Preminger

Release Date: 1944-11-01
IMDb icon 8/10
  • Country: US
  • Language: English
  • Budget: $1,020,000
Renell Mills
22 April 2013 | 07:23

- Like selfishness I haven't seen.
- In my case, he is perfectly justified, because I no object more worthy of my attention.

Filmed in a distant 44th, "Laura" and still the day remains the standard detective with a mixture of film Noir. I must say, this movie derives from the last of the genre all the best — fatal beauty-the heroine, a cynical hero, non-linear storyline with the flashbacks. In same time "Laura" is not begins with a blatant spoiler like the monologue of the murderer, a La "Now I will tell you how it was." On the contrary, the viewer is waiting for the denouement in the good old Poirot-style, Yes. besides with a double bottom. Main story later times repeated in the ribbons many different Directors — from Orson Welles to Alfred Hitchcock.

For an interesting story to thank Faith caspari, who wrote the novel, but later play. Initially it is not planning to work with Preminger, yeah and generally noted above: in particular, among the contenders for a major role was called the name Marlene Dietrich. But after a series of Studio intrigue in the Director's chair sat Otto, the first violin is played not the most famous actors. Given that the budget of the movie is barely enough to the left leg Humphrey Bogart, the balance was more than successful.

Gene Tierney, generally speaking, was considered one of the most beautiful Actresses in Hollywood, and although Laura has turned a drop of sugary, refinement her can not refuse. Dan Andrews is too closed, but but fits perfectly into the Canon of film Noir. I liked Vincent Price — it is a genuine Shelby disgust as and requires a plan. From whose games I got a real pleasure, so it from Clifton Webb. Ko time he already traded movie theater stage, but the role of Waldo is still made it for a short while back. Someone accuses Clifton in that he plays too "gay", but his character, I think once supposed to be sarcastic, pretentious and pompous. Some sharpness Waldo are forced to reflect on a nickname given to reporters, and comparing them with the toothy denizens of the deep.

Interestingly, classics "Laura" is not tried to copy how it was done with many successful films. Except that bollywood gave in 2005 opus under the name "Rog" that can be roughly translated as  a"disease". But however, the influence of the paintings of Preminger on the works of the followers to follow it is easy. Thus, for connoisseurs of the classics "Laura" to viewing is mandatory, and due to the interesting plot this view is not becomes an event "for show".

Brenda Harms
11 March 2014 | 12:23

Lieutenant of police in a suit and hat enters the room. For the scenes from the first person says a male voice on the murder of the beautiful Laura. Detective in the hat times are investigating this crime.

Approximately begin film Noir of 40-50 years. But Laura — not just a good Noir. After a detailed description of the life of the dead girl, told in the help of a succession of flashbacks — impressive, admittedly, — we are waiting for an unexpected twist, which subsequently played in many movies. The best of them will be "Golovokruzhenie" of Hitchcock and"the Third man with Orson Welles.

Not want to reveal all the secrets of this magnificent film Noir. Mentioned only about that with the murder of Laura all not just as think the beginning of the film. It is an unusual investigation. At the time of the film, the idea shown in the story was fresh. Yeah and now she looks no obsolete, thanks to the ingenious camera work of Joseph La Shell, rewarded for your skill "Oscar."

Plot twists in"lore" too much. Under the suspect several characters and to the end it is impossible to guess who is the real culprit. It is important here and part, one which will become a symbol of the film. Again, that I open secrets: a lot can be seen even in the promotional video for the film. But all they are going to play!

Graceful gene Tierney, who plays "Laura", attracts the eye with a special magnetism. Looking at it is possible to believe the characters in the film who fall without memory. It cool beauty with a hidden inner fire is the basis of all actions. All "tied" to her everything revolves around her. Among men particularly worth mentioning is the play of Clifton Webb, who plays an elderly man, in the time has deduced "the people" Laura.

The final impressive and unexpected disappoint the true fans of the genre.

8 from 10

Real Noir.

Francine Stover
12 September 2013 | 04:17

Tired blockbusters and art-house, was in a stupor of choice. And here, got into bins found that the sweetest movie. Actually, there's of course difficult to disengage from a certain fine imposed upon a modern cinematic representation, especially in the field of mainstream and any old time it seems exotic. Or, as is now fashionable to say, a classic film Noir. But still this film really evoked very positive emotions and I later learned why.

By genre — a detective. The story is quite unusual. First name of the main characters, then the dense presence of key actors this feature dissolves. This happens very smoothly and quietly. Close-UPS, static poses, the game face. In General, all that is now actively swept aside the modern game movie. Somewhat manipulative theatre, and characters in their reactions even exaggerate. But all the characters are so original and bright that despite some static narrative of what is happening, watch out for people very interesting. And he the plot is relatively simple for today's standards, so that the film can be called acting. Although a sharp plot twist in the middle of the plot, considered to be a classic.

Later looking information about the movie, found out that the film is not so simple, and was nominated for Oscar for multiple positions, and has received a prize for the camera work. So what is the merit in not letting the attention to the action in the vast extent of Joseph Lashelle (won the Oscar) and Lucien Ballard. Directors working on the film is also very famous and the film Ruben Mamoulian Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde received the award on the Venetian film Festival for the Most Original Plot. To word, Laura was nominated for Oscar for the categories:Best male actor in a supporting role (Clifton Webb), Best Director (Otto Preminger), Best adapted screenplay, Best art (b/W movies).

The film is based on the novel of Faith, Kasperi. Due to the enduring popularity of this film-Noir Library of Congress in 1999 included Laura in the national registry of films as the American film Institute considers the tape to one of the best detectives in the history of Hollywood.

How much did it cost to make Laura?
According to various sources, the cost of producing the tv-show was at least $1,020,000.
Who is the director of the movie Laura?
This tv-show was directed by Otto Preminger.
What is the genre of Laura?
The tv-show belongs to the genres of Drama, Mystery, Film-Noir, Best Romance Movies, Best Mystery Movies.
Who starred in Laura?
Many famous actors starred in this tv-show, here are the names of the most famous: Gene Tierney, Dana Andrews, Clifton Webb, Vincent Price, Judith Anderson.
What is Laura IMDB Ranking?
At the moment, the rating is 8.
When was Laura released?
The start date for this tv-show on USA TV is 1944-11-01.