A young woman has an amazing gift to identify people who are hiding something. Suddenly she meets a stranger, whose mind and senses closed to her. But he would change her fate forever, and made to understand that it is on the border worlds...

  • Ali Abbasi

Release Date: 2018-10-26
IMDb icon 7/10
  • Country: DK, SE
  • Language: Swedish
Holli Mycah
20 February 2019 | 01:58

Sometimes the Cannes broom, carefully sweeping from his scenes all not suitable for its tawdry decorations on the moment fades and the guests of the festival a look at  the"wonders" of cinema. So happened with the "Border" Abbasi (want to still keep the original title of the film) that got a "Special look" azure critics.

Of course, the attention of Cannes, have long turned to a model farm at silage for dairy cows with a bonus for the most productive lacrimal milkmaids and farmers who know how to basting the hay in the highest stack, may be somewhat wary of other viewers. But here opinion still "special", and granted immediately for several obvious reasons: the Director himself is not local, this is supposed to be increased sympathy; then, a number of soft Senec in the film Abbasi still present; finally, sometimes you need to pretend that interested in alternative forage.

However, to speak about the actual alternative to the mainstream cinema in the case of Abbasi impossible. The Director and his co-writers cleverly passed on a narrow border between the marsh boardwalk quite a festival cinema and the fresh forest lake independent author, and then innocently collecting water lilies on one side, then the rising from the bottom of other unusual creatures, blowing love bubbles in this pond and frightening respectable citizens. The victim of the monster of everyday life were brought to wonder — without then Rotterdam is not allowed to, and so the film went straight to Cote d'azur further Seville (from the site of the European kinofirmy), and someone even called "the Border" Swedish "Form of water" — film if of him cut a few intimate scenes ten years intended audience (not message — it to all, for kindergarten script and a corresponding setting).

To argue about the legality of such comparisons, the case, certainly, empty — everyone has their own vision of the movie. And that to deny it is the importance of preserving the intrigue of the plot in the above-mentioned papers. For "Water," and this not play any role, whereas  the"Border" will be perceived disproportionately more exciting, as viewed "from scratch". Therefore, if anyone is still don't have time to read all sorts of cleverness or stupidity about the plot of the film Abbasi, try and not to do to view — interesting, even if you then diarrhea the mouth begin to abuse it work: anger is righteous.

But the reason for the abuse — as has already in the abundance of existing and the upcoming — still need to be discussed. Cooled down after watching from the emotions placing his hand on the place where some heart beats, let's honestly answer the question about the main irritant of the film. Subjective opinion is: it is only one scene which is very soon in various circles all will be called "the most erotic scene of the Abbasi". And glory to all thirteen Norse gods and four goddesses, have a Director has the courage of it is not to give up!

"I'm a man, and all the non-human I alien" — to paraphrase the Roman writer, so you can describe the reason for the rejection of the "same scenes", and along the ironic promise of the Director to the spectator, throwing stale tomatoes "the Border". The reasoning is on sexual characteristics of the characters not a wiser solution to the question of the gender of the Bun from the same tale. What to some of the statements about the next word in the protection of sexual minorities, there's who is that close...

People with interest in the mating of some bugs in newspope, but without thinking crushes them if they seem ominously scary in the real meeting. People enthusiastically absorbs the spectacle of copulation of other people, but observation the same process humanoids makes it a strong feeling of rejection. Who we really — Homo sapiens or Homo instinctus? Probably something in between. And are looking for something average, not outside  the"frame". Only here to recognize that frames are formed by the stiffness of mind, no one wants; much easier to drive into the boundaries of everyday life. So who we send a welcome message deep space, if the planet other forms of life in the best case is treated as to the stern? With whose mind you want to make friends, if home is ready to communicate only with their own kind?

The main idea of the film is simple as the tails of five Swedish kronor: humanity in the mass is peculiar to the herd way of thinking; while you all or at least bring tangible profit — you the pack, a stranger doomed to solitude, or destruction; evil gives rise to a reaction; love keeps you alive. About all of this taken hundred thousand films and written the same novels, but this topical from the time of the first myths to today. "Border", decorated in the edge genres of cinema and infinitely addressed, only offers to take through customs your mind some do not the criminal thought conducive to the advancement on the path of knowing ourselves and the world.

Gertrud Spiegel
09 June 2019 | 05:53

To watch this movie... disgusting. So he unsightly, ranging from the exterior of the main characters (and here all as selection — people, those who is on the border worlds) and ending with the somber Scandinavian scenery — light scary. On it Oriental man Ali Abbasi, gave rise to this spectacle, concerned with the problem of the elves — think they there too, but in this case, the viewer at least not with a soul turned up.

About the actors who dared to translate all this copyright nonsense, the first thing thought — it to what degree of despair must be reached to agree to participate in this project! Play, by the way, soul. What not only improves perception, but, on the contrary, it deepens. Although the reason consent to understand not difficult — today, virtually all the most famous film festivals feel it is my duty to respond to any outrageous outlier. And in this sense the Director has substantially raised the bar, relegating the history of same-sex identification as a minimum second place. After this film, many will come to mind to listen to myself to try to understand, not whether wormed in the human guise of some other "fabulous" character. The more so some members of the human race from nature skillfully able to make the brain that there were suspicions and before. So that the question of identification sharpened as much as possible, smoothly flowing from gender the biology of species.

The plot in principle, not an intricate, but the heavy inhuman essence of the characters. Although at this background is a thin line of kidnapping and pedophilia seems inhuman and heavy, and so in combined they are not lifting. If the author wanted us so figuratively to show how like this criminal vices, it is it came most strongly. But I'm afraid by accident. Because still, the film is about a friend. And that's what? About the all-powerful essence of love? Hardly — what happens between the main characters, intimately of course, but not about the love of individuals. And romantic which the fit fall heroes, running in including naked in the cold Scandinavian landscape, very reminiscent of video from the life of animals in the mating period than in the love of the game. Maybe it's love to to humanity? Not seem — for such characters that move the plot, not worth much to bother...

The question remains open and after the credits. Although one thing is clear — the border worlds, which was created in your fevered imagination, first Lindquist, and then Abbasi, blurred with the speed of propagation. And since the scientific world that had previously kept the population of creatures, related to the main characters by select experiments today are more confused questions of the "weight loss", and Western tolerance has advanced so much that painted biblical seven deadly sins bright spectrum of the rainbow, perhaps soon the density of "population" Scandinavia will greatly increase. And as the Schengen area on the Europe is not abolished, then and population of EES certainly replenished with new citizens who are in its natural essence in tough confrontation with the human species. Although now the conflict of the East and the West, European policy, despite the assurances of Kipling, still "moved from space", represents a real threat and other would not necessary. Really not this marginal movie Abbasi? How would no, but the Eastern man, who received the Western (more — Scandinavian) cinematic education managed efficiently protrollit all of us — the East is a delicate matter indeed!

Advised not taken — if you do not mind two hours of your life to oposite own soul, it's yours.

3 of the 10

Shandie Anne-Corinne
10 May 2019 | 12:44

The name of the "Swedish Stephen king" yuna Ajvide Lindqvist became widely known to many thanks to the excellent film adaptation of his novel "Let me in" (2008), after which the remaining works of the writer for some reason, the filmmakers have attracted. To rectify that unfortunate omission took an ethnic Iranian Ali Abbasi, whose a mystical horror film "Shelley" (2016) was pretty highly praised by critics, and "On the border of the worlds", based on the work of Lindquist "Border", became the winner of the program "the Special sight" on last Cannes film festival.

On the border of Finland and Sweden, there is a strange employee of customs name, Tina, whose duties include meeting and checking ferry passengers sailing between Helsinki and Stockholm. To put it mildly, it looks unattractive — Tina is more like a hairy Neanderthal, but colleagues it looks aren't bother, because it has a unique intuition to help her to identify offenders in a huge crowd. Once Tina stops a stranger is incredibly similar to itself, but the inspection, for with the exception of one of the anatomical features, not explain what is so suspicious he might want to hide. Tina decides to continue the acquaintance with man in it know all the truth about its own origins, explaining how its unusual form, and supernatural abilities.

At first the movie seems pretty serious test for the audience's sense of beauty, when they offered the public a romantic relationship between the characters, more like cannibals of the "Turn not there" — especially for a wild sex scene in the woods, clearly demonstrating that the 18+ rating is not taken from the ceiling. But some time later, the threshold of hostility paresthaesia and slowly begin to feel it will of the Director to convey the cold and the natural beauty of untouched nature with its bleakness and harsh Nordic landscapes. As and past Oscar winner, "Shape of water" Guillermo Del Toro, painting Abbasi is trying to shift many current issues in the plane of magic parables — here and the problem of humanism, and the complexity of the differences from the most, when even in the tolerant environment of the "other" man constantly feels a stranger and fills the inner emptiness only in the company of a loved on the spirit and the theme of the ugliness of the true and the imaginary. And if Del Toro played up the conflict on the patterns of the genre of tales from its conventions, contrasting giperplazirovannah characters and in a very vivid, visually rich manner, Abbasi prefers to rethink the Scandinavian folklore language Arthouse drama, the observing the author's tone Lindqvist, adoring to dissolve mystical events in a purely domestic urban environment. In the result of the "border worlds" is the Northern folk legend in decorations "IKEA", the characters of which, though belong to the magic world (really sorry about the spoiler, but the fact that the Troll is played by the actor for the name of Milonoff is just some bomber accidentally meme), all still look like participants in the usual festival of drama with their daily problems and grey weekdays.

Telling the story of where well guess the parallel between the identification of the main heroine and the determination of the Director-Iranians in the European mentality, Abbasi't forget fascinating details filling the picture with suspense, eerie episodes and even a small detective line, and laid metaphors and allusions do not cause the discomfort of opportunism and poster slogans. He is not about the public, accustomed that among the characters associated with romantic relationships, someone is sure to be beautiful, or as low, pretty, and so if a freak — with a mandatory conversion in the final. Make up to recognition actress Eva Melander, in reality smacks Eva Polna, looks in the frame so that Charlize Theron in"Monster" envy, although a great plastic make-up (well-deserved nomination on"Oscar") is not binds her as an actor, and just adds the finishing touches to this complex character offering each viewer personally to pass the test for the ability to experience positive emotions against something purely repulsive in appearance.

8 from 10

Who is the director of the movie Border?
This tv-show was directed by Ali Abbasi.
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The tv-show belongs to the genres of Fantasy, Drama, Romance, Oscar 2019, Best Fantasy Movies 2018, Best Romance Movies 2018, Best Thriller Movies 2018.
Who starred in Border?
Many famous actors starred in this tv-show, here are the names of the most famous: Eva Melander, Eero Milonoff, Jörgen Thorsson, Ann Petrén, Sten Ljunggren.
What is Border IMDB Ranking?
At the moment, the rating is 7.
When was Border released?
The start date for this tv-show on USA TV is 2018-10-26.