Shot Caller

Fatal accident, fatal tragedy, and his whole life goes downhill... Once in jail, he must learn to live by the new laws. You should become a wrestler, authority, or be the victim. What price have to pay to survive in this hell from which there is no turning back? . .

  • Ric Roman Waugh

Release Date: 2017-08-18
IMDb icon 7.3/10
  • Country: US
  • Language: English
  • Runtime: 2h:01m
Philippa Mannos
27 January 2018 | 07:34

God works in mysterious Ways...

Man is born sinless infant, his parents love, educate. Give it education, the way in adult life and the winning ticket. People brewed in this mess, and society there where is the law, culture and norms. But that can happen to man if you pry it up this, to hang on to him serious crime and place in an environment for which he is not fit! There are two version anyway, he never man! First he broke it will drive under the bench or crack, turn to stone and become a cold-blooded prisoner.

This movie you will speak on how law-abiding people were in the cage of the mother animals. What he had to go that to keep going to get out, to kill, to threaten, to endure. From the picture I have received the impression. Damn, I don't appreciate that sometimes I have my everyday I seem to be serious and work shitty. Not appreciate I, but now and not me these illusions. All learned to compared I see how hard it is someone and easy for me. Here on the outside people may become loose and limp, there is one to hide or someone to complain but there is not. Today people like cellmate buddy, and tomorrow you, he will pass or you will bleed you. You can not trust anybody, hopes to myself to live for the sake of his beloved, and child.

8 from 10

Melisse Cirilo
01 May 2019 | 11:54

The guy at the nickname Money ("Money") is not always responded to this nickname. In a previous life, he was Jacob. A decent father, loving husband, good friend. But a fatal combination of circumstances, the second slackness has led to that Jacob went behind bars. And there — your world, your rules. In order not to be crushed by the pressure of circumstances, Jacob was prisposobitsya to changing conditions and soon became one of the most respected, dangerous and smart prisoners...

"Shot in the void", being a film about the lives of prisoners and main character in particular, and many others talks about how what you have to face people who are in places not so remote. And have to deal with it: bullying, assault, fighting among local groups, with the guards and the etc. Yes all to describe it?! View any movie on this topic and all will become clear.

Building the narrative so that the reality last the life of Jacob are intertwined, the Director and screenwriter of the film Rick novel In bright and clearly shown to be efficient in differences between the two lives of one man. "Here, see this Jacob — father husband it all well. But here Jacbo — enclosed it in the shock of the situation", — In the novel by displaying the fact on the screen gives the viewer food for thought about to what can cause rash actions. As in suddenly lose everything valued I did.

Naturally, Jacob-"Money" is not is the innocent lamb, he probably a victim of circumstances, but it became possible due to its act, where he blames only himself. And he is right. Realizing the responsibility for understanding what led to its action, it takes an honor for him the fate, a lot of thinking about what is now its native, comes to solutions which are even ill moral (human) point of view, but correct required.

Can such a comparison and is invalid, but in this respect Jacbo is similar to monk, chose your path and resigned that turning back no. So it begins to learn a new life of the road, making his way through the thorns... No, not to the stars, and respect among the same as he prisoners.

"Shot in the void" really strong film. This film about men's nature and choice. Nikolaj Coster-Waldau harmoniously blended with the image of the main character and honestly I was surprised how severely he played. Efficiently, truthfully and without a grain of falsehood in actions, words, and actions.

Another actor whom I will mention, is Joe Bernthal. For the last few years he starred in many films and often plays bad guys. For invoice build on coarse facial features, he is perfectly suited to such roles. Although, if you remember "Windy river", it be positive characters.

If to briefly summarize, a "Shot in the void" — movie truly a male character. Tough, brutal and realistic.

However, to watch You. Your opinion is not impose.

Nice view.

8 from 10

Stepha Checani
25 October 2017 | 11:33

Initially I don't have much expectations for this movie, all what I wanted — to see the personal drama, the moment of crisis in the worldview of the protagonist and of course prison life, actually that were description. If desired — Yes and no. The first shots of the film promised it, uploaded Coster-Waldau walks around the camera then writes a letter to the son and then there are the rudiments of the drama, and you sit in anticipation of when you will show prison life, but not then Yes, it was. Its release will the Director decides that will be sufficient to provide us with the flashbacks of prison life. A bit no what you're waiting for movie tough choices, survival, self-assertion in such society and the metamorphosis in the character. But all would not so scary if criminal history, which we tell after release was really good, but my opinion is not so. All adventure freedom is quite boring and from an artistic point of view predictable. In these moments the film starts to SAG and the situation to save the the flashbacks, but they look very Coco and defective because of lack of time for the disclosure of all nuances, and expand there is something. And it is therefore not obtained fully empathize with the main character, he is changing too fast and much remains behind;the scenes and it is inexcusable for the film tells of the personal drama. It anyway, that action of five minutes of shooting and one and a half hours of tedious dialogues.

If you look for good film, it's Nikolaj Coster-Waldau. Have he got to play hardened criminals, who appears before us with the first minutes of the film. And contrast — office worker, pretty harmless happy family man. Yes in principle the actors are no questions for with the exception of some gang members that looked too comical, like and the police however, too. It is also worth to note a good camera work. The picture was rich and nice.

In I can't say I'm disappointed, so I much didn't of the film, but feeling that the story is revealed not all what could be done better not leaves. And output no turned out, neither a full-fledged drama, no criminal history. The film and hung somewhere in between. Therefore, the corresponding assessment.

5 from 10

How long is Shot Caller?
Who is the director of the movie Shot Caller?
This tv-show was directed by Ric Roman Waugh.
What is the genre of Shot Caller?
The tv-show belongs to the genres of Crime, Thriller, Drama, Best Crime Movies 2017, Best Thriller Movies 2017.
Who starred in Shot Caller?
Many famous actors starred in this tv-show, here are the names of the most famous: Nikolaj Coster-Waldau, Jon Bernthal, Lake Bell, Omari Hardwick, Jeffrey Donovan.
What is Shot Caller IMDB Ranking?
At the moment, the rating is 7.3.
When was Shot Caller released?
The start date for this tv-show on USA TV is 2017-08-18.