My Cousin Rachel

Philip is very attached to his adopted father, Ambrose. However, during a trip to Italy, Ambrose meets with Rachel, her distant relative, marries her and dies. Philip is confident that the treacherous beauty Rachel killed his guardian to get the status of the spouse. Honing a plan of revenge, he does not notice how he falls in love with Rachel.

  • Roger Michell

Release Date: 2017-06-09
IMDb icon 6/10
  • Country: GB, US
  • Language: English | Italian
  • Runtime: 1h:46m
  • Revenue: $2,711,003
Sharl Adar
21 May 2018 | 07:48

"My cousin Rachel" — re-adaptation of the novel by Daphne Du Maurier.

The main disadvantage of the film — his haste. You can start smoothly, gently pumping the atmosphere for a future unsolved mysteries, layering thin layers of the forthcoming doubt, but the film decides otherwise.

We are instantly in the thick of things, and the VoiceOver quickly (before the titles) lists all of that will not fit in almost two-hour duration. Down with childhood memories, we are not interested in any of characters or their relationship; instead, crumpled: "This is Ambrose, he is sick, he is not going to marry; this godfather, it his daughter, we read the letter" — Woe to you if you not familiar with the novel ahead of time.

Visually the film is also nothing to surprise not can. VoiceOver duplicates all that the frame appears, and the frame is there is nothing that matter it was announced by the narrator a second earlier. If the frame is snowing, the voice will say: "winter has Come", if you hear: "We read the letter," — so, three heroes will row to sit on chairs just read aloud. The visuals and the narrator does not complement each other, not contrast do not interact (however, closer to the ending becomes a little better).

This is extremely disappointing, because at this story may not be the only correct interpretation of the events, where the slightest detail, timely filed, may make us hesitate to change the point of view where would cause to coexist in parallel different versions, not declaring them all the voice-over, the filmmakers absolutely this is not use.

Technically the film is close to the text of the novel, with the exception of the main — atmosphere. And that much worse, no private atmosphere of the picture either, as no the detective, just because nobody interestingly, happened, we are not interested.

Overall, recalled the series on "Cold house": the same haste, the formality and literalness at the loss of engagement.

PS Louise (Holliday Granger) is good, the rest just do not what to work.

5 out of 10

Thomasina Fredella
24 January 2018 | 03:46

This is not the case when it is necessary to read the book and then watch the movie in order to understand the profound and perfect sense. It is not the case when a beautiful film like the book itself. It is the rare case where a movie is so bad that sometimes it is necessary to take in hands the book and to confine her. 

Let us examine why such a negative shot

This film adaptation is a modernized remake of the movie of 1952, which is uncommon in because the actors are as in the theater. In this has all the beauty and reasonable estimate. Good story, logical staging, interesting acting. But we talking about today's cinema, where no theatrics and most natural emotions.

So that's remake in 2017, shot not bad and best Director Roger michell and his crew tried to do everything that the film was boring. It also must be able to deliver dialogues and play to initially complicated, became even more spider!


Without exaggeration, played by good actors: hot Rachel Weisz, and romantic Sam Claflin, except that, in the film not see...

Disgustingly flat Claflin game, not see it kind love to brother, not see it regrets internal suffering, no hate the main character. There is only a strange emotion as if he as always scared runs from an imaginary friend abruptly changing his feelings from love hate.

Rachel Weisz baby, but because you can play truthfully and emotionally, could feel the hero be them one that occurred you now?! Probably not a sincere interest, specifically the complete lack. No in the character of the feminine which involved the main character, there is riddles, sincerity.

Most importantly, no in these two "alleged" lovers, the love! With missteps, passion and shining eyes. You will see two people, a man and a woman and will not see in their internal world, which leads to the conclusion: the character sheet no.

The narrative of the film

If film, 1952, all clear, here is not clear from the first minute. Too fast the time flows, you do not have time to delve into how the likes of Philip his brother Ambrose as he left. Here Philip arrives at the house of his brother, comes and myself and Rachel as he then falls in love with her. Yes well if it was clear in the opinion or in action, it promises to a rapid love, it is not as no hatred Rachel because he said he vehemently hated her. And here you sit puzzled, like missed 15 minutes of the movie.

The structure of the conversations is built tight and sometimes overcast, with unnatural pauses. If not the acting, it sometimes the dialogue can convey the idea, but then they also not will find.

What can I say about the landscapes of England, then then of course all adorable. Variegated flora, shiny, water, yellow beach, green fields and flat land, in a word, the sight will tremble, which applies the whole overall aesthetic.

Finishing this discontent

It would be possible to remove a masterpiece, the work really deserves attention. But not that the Director is not the acting. The actors are very defined roles, and other hard to imagine, but here is not have them interest. No romanticism, no drama, no in the end of a love affair between the characters. Oh... following the genre is not, at least drop detective and drama, perhaps brought on more rave reviews, but unfortunately.

Coupled came out the base adaptation ruined the story. Negative reviews and low rating is justified.

3 of the 10

due to the beautiful scenery

Joanie Deppy
19 September 2017 | 06:23

Been waiting for the release of this movie, it's Du Maurier, to the same the cast is simply brilliant — Rachel Weisz, Sam Claflin, Ian Glenn, Holliday Grainger... Expectations were the brightest, but unfortunately the film was boring and some lifeless; in no neither the suspense nor the detective nor the puzzles that were present in the film adaptation of this work in 1952. Yes, new movie added color and gorgeous views of England, but unfortunately, it is not replaces the lack of the presence of the living characters. Rachel Weisz in the role actually Rachel, in this film, is totally lost in no of the special highlights of which men go from her mind, she just liberated woman, not subject to the complexes. Sam Claflin absolutely fresh, and when trying to pass the drama, it looks like a nervous TIC. That among the heroes there is no chemicals, not even seen to the naked eye, just actors playing his fee. By the way a sixteen-year difference in age Rachel Sam, not it looks fatal. The most offensive that because the actors then nice and able to do this film may not a masterpiece, but something outstanding.

It turned out a common story of failed love, but not a detective with a touch of Thriller, which would be. What is, bad directing, script, or raw the confluence of different circumstances? To the word adaptation, 1952, in the end got a few things to discuss that sent rather unsatisfied viewers to the book, this film straight to the end.

In the end we have seems to be one piece the movie on the theme of the classic novel, but far from Du style Maurier, simple and empty two and two four.

6 from 10

How long is My Cousin Rachel?
2h 26m
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Commercial tv-show fees worldwide today are $2,711,003.
Who is the director of the movie My Cousin Rachel?
This tv-show was directed by Roger Michell.
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The tv-show belongs to the genres of Drama, Mystery, Romance, Best Romance Movies 2017, Best Thriller Movies 2017.
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At the moment, the rating is 6.
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The start date for this tv-show on USA TV is 2017-06-09.