Danny Collins

Once the song Danny Collins loved the whole world. However, for many years, he says nothing, resting on laurels of past glory. But once a musician finds addressed to him many years ago... a letter from John Lennon. And it turns his life.

  • Dan Fogelman

Release Date: 2015-04-10
IMDb icon 7/10
  • Country: US
  • Language: English
  • Runtime: 1h:46m
  • Budget: $10,000,000
  • Revenue: $5,348,317
Lynda Boyes
23 January 2016 | 03:47

Honestly, have a long time was missing this movie in my list, because once read somewhere that it's a musical. And as musical — not mine to watch it is not wanted. But after "Love and mercy", which I looked at the twenty-first, I wanted to continue the musical theme. What was my surprise when after the first ten minutes, I realized I was misinformed and I will look probiotic on a folk musician.

Despite the first joy at the error genre, the plot seemed to me to awkward. Not understand how can the e-mail from the musician's musician on the music suddenly make for a conclusion that it is time to establish contacts with the son that never seen. Okay, a new song to write, go on a new path in his work, but a son And... because this story focus.

Next, clicked on all of the well researched points that can knock out a tear viewer. Of the probiotika film turned into programu relations of the father with the son. And here I could to defeat the plot and explain what is the "pain" point is pressed, but know not want to do it. And why? And because film touched me. Because he sincere warm. Because he loving family and the repentant man, on which it is simply impossible to be angry. He "ridiculous", and that says it all. And eyes I was often on wet and is closer to the end was sobbing bitterly.

This rare times I want to praise the Russian translation of the movie. The main character really gets a second chance, or rather a great motivation to change things, trying to correct the mistakes made over 40 years. And here in the remediation plan as all times, contrast strings, is shown realistically. Yes, trying to improve, but not everywhere it turns out. But well even trying to old age. Other in this age spit on all move in inertia. And Danny tried very hard. Yes, fell, but rose was going on. I like people with sense of humor, so I appreciate it. I personally would not able to him for a long time to be angry.

about the game of actors.

al Pachino — well done. Everyone would be playing look 75 years. Nominated for the Golden globes think it is a justified. Yes, it is maximum here you can give the winner he wouldn't , but still. Is because we have a lot.

Annette Bening never loved, heard her role was first supposed to be Julianne Moore. Very sorry that failed to take Julianna. Annette I do not like here, although I tried not to biased. Maybe the truth is the character of such formal and cold, but still. Have it all they are obtained. Too little of life, there is the sparkle in his eyes. There were moments where the eyes could be stronger to play.

But Bobby cannavale, which is also the replacement for Jeremy Renner not disappoint. First, their excellent resemblance to the al Pacino (although the actor who played Danny in his youth, it is better still) that for me, it became an important factor after I saw John kusaka This Floor, a completely different types of appearance, one same man in different periods. Looked very nieprawdopodobne. Secondly, he did a great job role in my opinion. Yes, his poor facial expressions, it is visible to the naked eye, only one movable eyebrow, but the characters he was able to transfer from to. In the right moments pulled from my tears just like that.

Lyubimka Jennifer garner glad to see. It is, as always, very emotional. Her how could not be better suited to the role of loving wife and mother. Was very organic and, again, pleasing to the eye.

Christopher Plummer in a standing ovation. Have it is still a gunpowder in powder flasks in 86 years. Loved his dialogues character Frank and Danny.

I also want to note the small Giselle Eisenberg. A very prominent and memorable role that baby can pull and pulled fine, my opinion. Of course, it you Jacob Tremble, but yet.

I can't tell you how many there are nostalgic songs that I for the joy of playing a long time, but not just a couple of lines, and choke them. Of course, the best for me — "Imagine". Consistently brings tears to the eyes, how would not listened to. Have it here. Think this song film — title, because she times illustrates the impetus given to the protagonist by John Lennon.

In General, from me how from the viewer, the creators have made those of emotions, which I wanted. And even did deliberately, from the film a large number of stamps, but went away perfectly up!

7.5 out of 10

Maridel Deaner
25 May 2015 | 06:17

Don't like it when a movie leaves in the soul a void. What was it that there — all is one. Even an extremely negative experience one or other paintings and more pleasant, because it also have no emotions, and is not their no. The film Dan Fogelman that is empty and left. Almost complete.

But no, I wrong. More tape has left behind a keen sense of unoriginality. Also almost one hundred percent. The decline of his creative career, fatigue and lack of inspiration, jaded by fame and attention, the disappointment, the sudden awakening of conscience and attempts to undermine no pesky sins and mistakes of youth generosity in against loved ones, about which, it would seem, forgot seriously and for a long time, a keen desire to get the the second chance, a painful breakup and temptations... All it's already we have saw the movie is not time and very similar versions, with almost the same storylines and characters, words and deeds which it is possible to predict, not much risk of mistake.

Second chance not brought a genre that I would call probiotika any new ideas. Personally, I immediately remembered consonant with his "Crazy heart" with adore me Jeff Bridges. But film Scott Cooper has hooked me far more than creation of Fogelman. History and drama Beda Blakebut look much more real and order two more deep and emotional it came Danny Collins, with that in "Crazy heart" not everything perfect. However, there is, first, a good scenario findings, and second — and movies famous musicians — I think this is very important! — it songs and direct the performance of the bridges with Colin Farrell in the appendage. It immediately creates a unique atmosphere, you feel that the real hero, immersed in his world, the life that he lives with all bright and the dark side.

In "a Second chance" things are different. With the songs here, so to speak. very modest, and the atmosphere immediately lost. Fresh story ideas are also not found. Not take such a presence in the frame megaliterature child performance Giselle Eisenberg. Children forgiven a lot, but hope Donnelly starts to annoy after being barely a frame with a minute. Wonder how it to still in General I managed to endure the parents.

Even as you should put pressure on the feelings of the viewer in the film is calledthe Christopher Plummer Annette Bening. But the inspired speech of Frank before the son of Collins and slightly thawing the heart of Mary for emotional content Second chance was not enough, although the scene with the hero Plummer, as and even its presence along with Bening project of Fogelman tape as required at least two points out of five from got me.

The other three I have added the film, of course, thanks to al Pachino. It belongs to the actors are first-class, which is simply to be in front of the camera to the audience heart palpitations. But Pacino, thank God there here and played. And played. As always good, just with material failed hard. All is so extraordinary and salesiano that squeeze it even such a talented actor was able a little, and what happened, missed my three points, obescity review to neutral. Failure is a movie Pacino not be called (I think it at all these are not ), and here's the globe and empty — completely. Sad, because for an actor, I think, empty movies — not a lesser evil than for the viewer, their watching.

5 from 10

Lian Yanaton
24 May 2015 | 08:34

Al Pacino — the most brilliant actor in the history of cinema, but surpassing the turn of the century, he has ceased to indulge us brilliant roles, acting mainly in the pictures of the average level. Its last film "Humiliation" was too theatrical and uninteresting, despite the name of the famous Barry Levinson in category "Director". Because "Second chance" aroused great suspicion, but fortunately, it movie a completely different, higher level.

Of course, it again the theatre of one actor, and obviously not be al Pacino — nobody even would attention. Here at the great master of none no fatigue in the face of apathy in his movements, he also fit as and hero Danny Collins — an aging rock star, not lose the charm and health, continues to live on  the"harsh" laws: sex, drugs, rock-n-roll. However presented with a letter thirty years ago, not come down in time to the singer from the John Lennon, helps to rethink the unbridled life of self-destruction.

Peerless main character, to fight their famous charm, huh in combined with the immortal music of Lennon, give the film a special thrill and nostalgia. Al Pacino handed the letter to John, and then sounds the "Imagine" — absolutely gorgeous scene. And his flirtation with hotel management in the performance of Annette Bening — looks incredibly touching. Comic-lyrical side, of course, prevails, but Fogelman time adds a dramatic component, so as not to turn his film into a farce.

What to content, here it is quite common for cinema of the theme of family vicissitudes. But not all looks so corny, and have it might seem in the beginning. A veteran of the scene, to still stuck manner of impetuous youth, to old age looks ridiculous and its appearance and behavior (which is emphasized in several remarks). Trying to have time to catch up and stay in the whirl of rock-and-roll life, the hero Pacino meets a son who do not knew thirty years. Classical twist in the form of stupid mistakes, which all the spoils again in the only developed relationship, not here seems so hackneyed and banal. It just said that some people change, perhaps, is too late, but they have the however, the right to a second chance, a chance to partial redemption.

"Imagine that no heaven it's easy if you try, under the us hell, and only the top blue sky. Imagine that all the people living in the world..." — these words of the John Lennon songs familiar to all, and they serve as a kind of leitmotif occurring — perfect world in reality impossible, as and the perfection of the person, but also nothing "flight in Paradise". This understand the main character Danny Collins as that it is unlikely that will be different, but can finally, to devote himself to do the right thing. Tour to last will satellites, as and older fans, but still a family home he found — so, he knew exactly what important his life.

P. S. a type of history became the real fact of the biography country singer Steve Tilston (Steve Tilston) that when similar circumstances had received a letter from John Lennon only after 34 years.

8 from 10

How long is Danny Collins?
2h 26m
How much has Danny Collins made?
Commercial tv-show fees worldwide today are $5,348,317.
How much did it cost to make Danny Collins?
According to various sources, the cost of producing the tv-show was at least $10,000,000.
Who is the director of the movie Danny Collins?
This tv-show was directed by Dan Fogelman.
What is the genre of Danny Collins?
The tv-show belongs to the genres of Comedy, Drama, Music, Best Musical Movies 2015.
What is Danny Collins IMDB Ranking?
At the moment, the rating is 7.
When was Danny Collins released?
The start date for this tv-show on USA TV is 2015-04-10.